Arrow Season 3 Episode 10 Left Behind

Posted By CouchTuner On January 22, 2015





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  • Sarah Dib

    I knew it but why ??? Though to be honest laurel does look hotter the sara, but she is so annyoin

    • asdasd

      imo sarah looks way hotter

    • Ahel2

      Yah, I’m dubious about her fighting skills…

      • Mike

        She’ll learn the ways of the force ha

    • Ayana

      She really does. I hate how much an annoying pain in the ass she is, but when I saw her I was on shocked. She looks way sexier. Learnt how to fight quite fast though

      • Sarah Dib

        She hid her badass till now lol, let’s hope she becomes less annyoing now, though I have a feelin she is going to think she is number 1 now

        • Ace

          Facility….LOOL. facility is a place or equipment for a purpose. Shes not a stripper. Its Felicity. Fe-Li-Ci-Ty. I mean that must be the biggest fail ever. Do u watch this show? Do you listen? Did you once hear anyone call her facility? Imagine and episode and Roy is like ‘we have to get to the facility’ i wonder what will be going through your mind. You probably will be like ‘Huh why r they calling her the facility now, is that her superhero name?’. Anyhow episode was great! I thought the lazurous pool would have come into play with oliver. Laurel looked hot but that woman has no emotion in her face.

          • Sarah Dib

            Haven’t notice I am Not one of the best spellers in the world lol, I do my best haha this is a reason I usally dont coment on anything but meh I don’t care, and doesn’t mean I don’t know how to spell doesn’t mean I don’t watch the show, I don’t think she knows how to use any emtion in general

    • SAQ Rabbit

      You know who would be better…. DINAH LANCE!! GIVE ME AN ALEX KINGSTON BLACK WIDOW PLEASE! ;A;

    • Mike

      She can be, can also kick ass that’s what makes her good

  • Kal-El

    How many more times will it take before they change the code to the basement.

  • Jessica Thomas

    The end was so on point! Cannot wait to see what happens next week

  • Ahel2

    Asian powers of healing – go A team!

    • SAQ Rabbit

      *cue Mister Miyagi’s clap-n-handrub o’ healing*

  • SAQ Rabbit

    I like how they didn’t start off the episode with, “just kidding, he’s alive, episode about the arrow coming back.” and dragged it out a bit to show Oliver’s importance in the group isn’t just being a leader, but the support and reason they do this.

    And who the hell comes up with the transitions to these scenes, they are brilliant. Reminds me of the creative ways the latter Saw movies did their transitions. Pretty coo.

    • Rix69

      the scene transitions always catch my eye. glad im not the only one who appreciates them

  • shyann gatison
  • awwffsgetagrip

    kek Vinnie Jones what a douche bag

  • Anton Shields

    What i love most this episode is the honor and loyalty shown by the characters in the story. LOL Only a couple of my friends i can truly say they are loyal and have my back. The arrow is lucky to have such a person who gives a damn.