Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 The Calm

Posted By CouchTuner On October 9, 2014



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  • Roxane Drolet

    omg !!!! what an ending !!!! still in shock !!!

    • Nathan Starr

      its clearly merlin

      • Austin Abernathy

        It was Komoto

        • Anonymous


  • 12stepCornelius

    Uh. Wow lol. Was not expecting that ending! Damn.

  • Noneedtoknow

    That’s a very wrong ending… why!?

  • Ghost

    Superman: Return as a Business man…….

    • Sarah Dib

      It should start getting really interesting lol

  • Hans Gruber

    That guy runs too slow….

    • SAQ Rabbit

      Russian components
      American components

  • Megan


    • Nathan Starr

      its merlin

      • Roxane Drolet

        nanh ! i think its raza ghul

        • marko

          *Ra’s al Ghul

          • Roxane Drolet

            yep dont know what happend with the typo hahah thanks

      • Megan

        Nah can’t be him

      • Bionic Bryce

        definitely not merlin

  • aly

    Great episode, very fun to watch and definitely worth the wait..But That Ending Tho!!!

  • Meshaq

    My guess is the person that shot her with the arrows was Ra’s al Ghul

  • Rod

    Tis but a scratch.

  • Manisha Balani

    The Olicity feels are killing me, they are just so cute together!

    • Charltina

      They truly are a cute couple. I loved the
      “Do you like Italian” comment, in the middle of high powered chase. It’s exactly how my husband Balladeer won me.
      Laughs destiny is amazing. They are destined. I am thrilled the writers finally listened to we the viewers.

      • Bionic Bryce

        Yeah I knew it would happen eventually!

  • Kal-El

    Nooooo!!! The wrong Lance sister died.

    • Bionic Bryce

      You mean Lance daughter

      • SAQ Rabbit

        Lance is a last name

  • Roxane Drolet

    im pretty sure its raza ghul !

  • Guest

    Did anyone else not recognize Clark Kent at 12:55

    • Adrian Pedersen

      you mean Ray Palmer aka the Atom?


    Please can you all stop posting spoliers i mean, i was about to watch this and i read about the spoiler i mean please thanks guys

    • Bionic Bryce

      That’s why I watched the episode first before reading the comments :P

  • Lamine Gueye

    actually the right one died Laurel Lance is the real Black Canary

    • SAQ Rabbit

      Dinah Lance is the Black Canary!!!

  • adeba

    Never ask me to sign up or register… Lol. Can’t believe I fell for this bullshit again. Back to tvlinks.

  • Riftutosho



    Komodo will appear in the third season of the TV series Arrow. Although the original version of the character was white, he will be portrayed by a black actor, Matt Ward, in the show.

    • Riftutosho

      so its komodo

  • ash

    god dam felicedy is beautiful shes a perfect women and girlfriend

  • rmang

    Nice ep.

  • QueenV

    Felicity over the other girls!!

  • Lester

    Don’t worry guys, Oliver Queen already begun his quest for the dragon balls with the flash.

    • Sarah Dib

      Love it

  • Baby_Bean

    Laurels acting is terrible

  • Bionic Bryce

    Wow!!! That ending! Now I really can’t wait for the next episode!

  • asdwq

    felic was burned and rough skin in the face …. 1 screen later she looks like alwasy LOL

  • SAQ Rabbit

    Well, there goes the one thing that seperated Felicity from the rest of the damn cast… sigh… she had to be a fricken “Queen love interest”.

    And I think Sara coming back just to die is kind of lazy screen writing. You can’t write a farewell for a character like they did and bring her back the next episode. The farewell then has no meaning, she might as well left the League of Shadows alone if it was going to be this way. Doctor Who does that crap and deaths/farewells mean nothing when the character just comes back.

  • Phani3 Smoak Queen


  • Glowurm

    But I liked Sarah.

  • Sarah Dib

    I have a feeling his going to have depression in this season lol , Clack Kent Omh so hot hope he isn’t bad lol Laurel is annyoing me jahah

  • Caz

    Olicity feels!! I’m sensing they’re gonna drag it out a long while before these two officially pair up (grrr writers!! predictable….annoying….but … cmon they are perfect!!) …. what an ending!!