Arrow Season 2 Episode 23 Unthinkable

Posted By CouchTuner On May 15, 2014





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  • Christian Mueller

    good stuff! first to comment1

  • exoskull

    great episode, death stroke still has is strength in comics does he get it back are he is human know for good with the cure?


    I am so ANNOYED. Oliver pulled a total douche move with Felicity. I really wanted them to end up together. I cannot believe he did that to her. You could see her heart break. Whatevs.

    • Malique Sinatra

      I agree. I really thought Oliver and Felicity would end up together especially with all the moments they had together. Plus they had multiple times where they could kiss each other. Can she get some kind of affection or special someone. Bary Allen was absent for the most part. Plus Felicity looks 10x better than Laurel. Smh.Hopefully next season something happens between them instead of a cliché.

      • Blood Arrow

        NO. Stop saying that. They will NOT end up together. You speak of not seeing a cliche, yet having two friends who have great chemistry getting together IS A CLICHE. Why can’t friends with awesome chemistry and slight sexual tension stay friends? Barry is not going to end up with her, he already has Iris. I agree Felicity looks better, but if the two get together their relationship completely changes!

  • dammit thea

    hope he left someone to feed and water slade, otherwise the whole ‘not killing’ thing would kinda be in vain

  • Slade’s biggest fan

    this is called arrow not green arrow so Oliver can always die and Roy take over and it would be cool if the end of the show was all of Oliver’s enemies that are still alive vs. Ra’s Al Ghul and the league of shadows

    • Travis the Moonstar

      No the story is that Green Arrow is Oliver Queen not Roy Harper you can also see this in Smallville if you watch it.

  • D.G

    omg i though Felicilty and Oliver might have had something butt…… btw i like this guy.. Merlyn. Somehow he has left an impression on me but Thea shouldnt have left Roy.

  • Sougui Idriss

    when you guys think the season 3 begins?

    • TheIrishPC

      The Flash premieres October 7th, and season 3 of Arrow on October 8th. As far as I’m aware that’s America though, so it would be up online, but if you want to watch it on TV I wouldn’t know when each country will release it