Arrow S3E23 My Name is Oliver Queen

Posted By CouchTuner On May 14, 2015





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  • 3minspastnever

    Oh snap Felicity in the Atom suit, hell yeah. So is Ray dust? Or does that explosion give him super powers? As far as the Arrow, we all know that there is no happy ending for Oliver. He will be back ; )

    • Rix69

      watch the trailer for DC Legends of Tomorrow :-D

      • 3minspastnever

        Whoa!!! Thanx dude that was awesome.

        • AizatXtreme123

          tiny ray is tiny. oh n the way he ran….lol priceless

  • awwffsgetagrip

    for some weird reason any time diggle kicks the crap out of some one i say in my mind “get diggled”

    • RupesNotSupes

      Yo digg sucka.

  • kiichan

    SPOILER IS CASE YOUR ONE OF THOSE WHO READS THE COMMENTS BEFORE WATCHING THE ACTUAL EPISODE: Oliver doesn’t deserve to be yelled at. Sometimes you got to fool your best friends first before you can fool the enemy. Dude, thats like assassination for Dummys 101. Everyone should just snap out of it and stop bitching. Your alive arent you? Thanks to Oliver. Its not like he’ll die that easily. Anyway at the end, im really glad to have seen Felicity stepped up at the end saving Olivers’ butt. Oliver really did become someone else. The way that they found and took down the inoculated men that Raj sent was find of vague. At the end of the Ep I was totally thinking …. “There’s no way Queen is going to be able to stay away from his city, it will most certainly drag him back” and “How the hell did THAT guy become the next Ra’s al Ghul ”
    Trivia: the guy who plays Ray is also in the show Chuck S 3 i think

    • Kris_23

      Malcolm became the next Ra’s al Ghul because that was the bargain that was struck between himself and Oliver. Did you ever wonder throughout the last couple of episodes why Malcolm was bothering to help Oliver and the team? They made it pretty clear in the last scene between the two of them that Oliver struck a deal with Malcolm. If he helped save the day or whatever, then Oliver would give him the mantle so to speak.

      • kiichan

        Well the last statement about “THAT guy” becoming Ra’s al Ghul was suppose to be more or less a rhetorical questions lol like a statement of surprise! but really if one thinks about it, it makes sense since Olivers not gonna do it. Sorry for the confusion! and thanks for answering in any case : ) The other reason why Malcolm was helping them was because of his love for his daughter who lived in that city. (though he does have a weird definition of the word love).

        • Kris_23

          Hah right sorry! And you’re welcome xD And yes you are right, I totally forgot about that part. Despite the number of times that Malcolm keeps saying he loves Thea, it still slips my mind because it just seems like he isn’t capable of it anymore. Totally in agreement with him having a weird definition of love.

  • quicksilver

    Will there ever be a season 4??? ;-(
    Because this is one of my favorite TV series

    • kiichan

      Of course there will be! :)

  • quicksilver

    Is Oliver also part of the justice league shit?

    • kiichan

      I’m thinking that happens later on (storyline wise) but I dont think thats something they plan on incorporating considering that would include too much of a budget increase etc

  • iPhotos

    I believe there will be 5 seasons, due to the fact of him saying after 5 years, and so far it has been 3 years (Just like there being 3 seasons) like Oliver said to John before John left. This could be an Easter Egg. Or a Spoiler.