Arrow S3E19 Broken Arrow

Posted By CouchTuner On April 16, 2015





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  • Karl Dammann


  • 3minspastnever

    to ya Motha

  • Nevieth


  • Nutmeg Buchanan

    this show really keeps the harshness, pain also the constant reality check from Oliver’s point of view, being the arrow come with immense lost. Oliver just lost his little sister, he’s never going to be the same SHIT

  • Ian Washington

    Dam….thats how you end an episode.

  • Abraxas

    Colton Haynes (Roy Harper/Arsenal) looks a lot like Vanilla Ice. Good episode, worth the wait.

  • popober

    Wait. So this takes place after yesterday’s Flash as evidenced by Felicity knowing about Barry’s shit with Wells.

    Yet for some reason, the whole “I love you” crap that was pulled on the previous Arrow episode had no visible fallout in the Flash episode. It only surfaced now. Wut.

    Come one CW, at least keep the continuity smooth. Cheapens the drama otherwise.

    • Pride

      Just cause he spoke about it now doesn’t mean it wasn’t smooth? So you never talked to someone, and not spoke about it until sometime later? No never right? Never talked about to someone about something that bothered you and told them another time, when you felt it was right. Oh i guess not huh? Stfu

  • Kal-El

    Don’t worry everybody, Thea will take a dip in the Lazarus pit and be resurrected.

    • Pride

      Seriously doubt that, it’s only for the demons head not everyone. If they do that, it only cheapens the show and the Ra is.

      • Blue

        right. because when ollie was stabbed through the chest, thrown off a mountain and was saved by hypothermia, that did’t cheapen the show at all. *sigh* ya know I’m getting real tired of this Batman-esque bull, we don’t need another nitty gritty Batman we need the Happy go Lucky Robin Hood type known as the Green Arrow, shooting arrows and his mouth off.

        • Pride

          wasn’t the chest actually but the abdomen, but also yes hypothermia would slow down the blood flow so quite possible.

          • Blue

            Ok yes, Admittedly the sequence of events which allowed Oliver to survive are feasible, highly unlikely yet feasible, but what is less likely to break your willing suspension of disbelief; someone being stabbed , thrown off a mountain, and subjected to severe hypothermia then making a full recovery a few weeks later using mostly holistic medicine, or a person returning to life using an already established and widely accepted magical mulligan, It didn’t even have to be the pit that saved ollie the DCU has dozens of deus ex machinae specifically for the purpose of reviving the dead, Hell they could have even called over Barry to travel through time and save his skewered ass, not that anybody knew Barry could do the time travel dealie without the cosmic treadmill but still almost anything would have been preferable to “I was frozen roadkill shish kebab, but I got better”

    • Hans Gruber

      Maybe he wasn’t after a fatal wound? I mean he was out to get Oliver’s attention and didn’t need to kill her.

      • Mohammed

        Plus as far as swords through the body go ra’s does not have a great rep of finishing people off.

  • Karen Woodward

    high 5=lol. ohmygosh=not Thea.

  • BobC

    I guess everybody on the show will die LOL

  • kiichan

    Roy has got to come back somehow… I just wonder under what circumstances

    • zach jhons


  • Mohd Saad

    This is some TWD shit right here!!

  • dawnslicer

    between this, daredevil, and gotham (which i dont keep up with too much), im glad Flash has a much happier setting, it has its problems and stuff, but its not nearly as dark as the other shows, which is a nice change of pace.