American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 6 Bullseye

Posted By CouchTuner On November 13, 2014





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  • Andrew Blake Jones

    i dont see how the twins could be split.. wouldn’t they only have 1 leg and 1 arm..

    • ella

      one twin would die and the other would be semi normal

  • Ms. Oneal ツ

    Boo to this episode! lol

  • Pernilla Myrdhén

    Omg, do you belive it’s working that way?! It’s fiction! Semi twins are hard to separate even if they don’t are attached in that way. Often someone dies. If you should try to separate these two some have to die because they are two persons in one body. You don’t “split” them apart!! You have too choose witch one that will keep living. You take away one head!
    I never seen twins so attached, don’t know if it have been so in reality ever. And if it were so it wouldn’t work to separate them because when they have things of one body parts together one twin is making the heart beat and the other is breeding for example. Separte semi twins only works when they have two harts and so on…

    • Ashley Cass

      ever seen nthat reality show brittney and what ever the oher girls name is those to girls are conjoined the same way. So it dose happen


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