American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 10 Orphans

Posted By CouchTuner On December 18, 2014





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  • Tess

    Love this creepy show. Thanks CT.

  • The Cleaner

    this show is so sick its so close to the real world that some people call home. we think our life is normal but look around as you only have to maybe look next door or on a different channel to see that what we call normal might really be weird to others. creepy yes sick , more so

  • The Cleaner

    sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

  • So Poshyful

    Wow this episode is the essence of american horror story at its best. It made me cry, its very beautiful. What is normal? All of us are different. We love you pepper!

  • Jokerman

    Are all the seasons canon with each other?!

    • Rico


      • jimmydabeast

        they did a crossover with pepper though, she was in asylum and this new season.

  • Paul Smith

    wow so sad of an episode that poor lass

  • mia

    sad story and sentiment always works better for AHS as when they try too hard to shock us with gruesome violence. This season got better at the end. One detail that bugs me is when Stan was cutting Pepper’s husbands head off…long time dead body would not bleed so much..half an hour after death muscles relax completely blood leaks down into the lowest parts of the body…gravity

    • Paul Smith

      to be honest the treatment of that woman sent so many emotions in me, anger, sadness, ect and just wanting to hug her. that the rest of the episode i did not focus on the pepper situation as much as you did

      • mia

        exactly my point -emotional stuff in the story injustice innocence abandonment love and loss all this can touch us stronger as brutal images blood flesh and bones..that’s the mistake they made with this season they focused on murders too much and less on depth of characters.

  • EH

    this episode really tug at my heart strings, very well done. love love love you pepper!

  • Josh Valero

    I cried so many times, it was a very emotional episode. I have always loved Pepper and I love that she married her true love.

  • WillieFred Frohbose

    Omg the feels. Lost it – lost it all!

  • QueenV

    So Elsa became a sister?

    • cupale

      remember that in asylum she was a star and then they kicked her out of her band and she became an alcoholic and with that she killed a Little girl and in a car crash she ended up in the asylum

  • sassan

    the writers are geniuses :) how amazing they were able to come up with Pepper’s back story and to connect it with the Asylum… some people may say it is not rocket science… but for me as everything started to unfold, i was able to remember my first impressions on Pepper and then I eventually understood her more in the Asylum.

  • cupale

    I cried in this episode :´(