American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 1 ,Monsters Among Us

Posted By CouchTuner On October 9, 2014



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  • Leelah

    I’ve been waiting a long time to finally use this term: YAAAAAS!

    • chloe

      how do i get it to work please?

      • Guest

        At the top of pic you should see a watch here, click that then choose a tab that works Chloe

    • Robbie Haggarty

      Its a cliche over here

  • nj

    not working

    • vanessa

      It’s working now

  • omgggg


  • Ang

    Is it just me or no links right now?

  • Ang

    OH here they are!!!! thanks

    • chloe

      how do i get it to work?

  • blue lotus

    Videos don’t work unless you’re willing to download some crap that probably contains a virus or some other shite. I’m off to watchseries. Their videos are a lot more reliable. Tata.

    • Leelah

      It works, you just have to ex out of the blue ad. Look for the little X.

  • chloe

    how do i get this to work?!

    • vanessa

      At the top of pic you should see a watch here, click that then choose a tab that works Chloe,Hope that helps

  • Melly

    click the 5th link and it might work!!

  • Umm?Ah?Duh!

    I’m truly disturbed now. That’s clown though?! WTF?

  • Moebius

    It´s always the same with you people! Seriously how retard can you be, coming in here and not knowing how to use the kingf link!!?! Go back to stone age!

  • fm

    you have to click the “x” in the upper left corner to exit out of the ad before you hit play or it will take you to another website.

  • QueenV

    I loveeeee the beginning theme!

  • Lisa

    Works just fine for me- no ads, pop ups are blocked by ad blocker- I don’t get it…I always see people frustrated here not knowing how to watch????

    • Andrew Blake Jones

      theyre just dumb lol

  • vanessa

    Now I understand the fear of clowns

  • lywloveyourworld

    If it doesn’t work, just click on the next player. I used VSpot.

  • Jp Derry Doherty

    lifes gd again

  • Lisa

    Just watched this episode again and that clown is the most evil looking one to date…holy crap, just wicked!!!!

  • Robbie

    I just got over my fear of clowns… But that scene was AWESOME!!

  • Guest

    finallyy I got IT THANKS A TOOONNNNNN :3

  • Liam Wycherley

    are there any jumpy bits in there i dont want to watch it and crap myself

  • Mendi Mayhem

    17:40 Freddy Krueger drinking coffee in the background!

  • Violet

    I was really hoping Taissa Farminga would come back :(

  • sassan

    sssssssiiick show!
    and i love it!