American Horror Story S5E8 The Ten Commandments Killer

Posted By CouchTuner On December 3, 2015





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  • Jack the Ripper

    Didn’t he do adultery twice?

    • Doesn’t Believe in the Bible

      Nevermind. One was covet, the other was adultery.

  • Ronni

    John killed two adulterers, yet he is one himself….(¬_¬)

    • Carrie A. Noonan

      good point…..hes practically broken every commandment there is….

  • bob

    what happened to John’s daughter?

    • Joshua Caine


  • Dust

    I think John will be the last commendment
    “You shall not murder

    • Carrie A. Noonan

      That would be epic……..

  • Hoid

    really really,god that was super dumb.Talk about bad writing he’s the kill lol.

    • Carrie A. Noonan

      I saw that one coming………

  • Joshua Caine

    best ep this season

    • Carrie A. Noonan

      I totally agree!

  • Carol Salomon

    wait..what are the two last missing commandment??and i dont get it about the sabath day..what does teeth have to do with that?