American Crime Season 1 Episode 1 Episode One

Posted By CouchTuner On March 6, 2015





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  • Tempy

    Wow ok..many moving parts to this drama,I will see how it plays out,but looking good so far.

  • jhon

    Another terrible new show

    • WhateverMan

      I don’t know about that. It’s better than the usual, formulaic, police procedural or law procedural dramas. We’re seeing this from all sides: from the victim, the police and the perpetrators and those who get caught up in the middle of it.

      I think it was a pretty well-rounded pilot. I’ll watch again.

      • Clare Mcalister-Raeburn

        I’ll watch a second episode but I am withholding judgement so far. I don’t like any program or film where the narrative is hijacked by the need to make a political point, in this case, race in the USA. “Hate crimes against white people”?!?!?!

  • orsonhinds

    Is this another one of those USA tourist infomercial films?

    Hey, I’m hopping on the next plane to visit THAT Utopia. Why bother sunning yourself in total peace in the South of France when you can have real race/pervert/drug violent death action in the USA?

    I mean, it’s a no brainer isn’t it? Imminent peril in the land of the free every time. EVERY TIME.

    Er, no.