Alone S1E2 Of Wolf and Man

Posted By CouchTuner On June 26, 2015




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  • Danny Lee Gaede

    can’t believe how long it took the first guy to make a fire and the others still going with out? I went camping out there once and it started raining so i started a fire maybe 20 minutes and the next morning i had a huge fine because i did not have a fire permit.

  • Danny Lee Gaede

    wish i could get ton this show, i would win for sure. the first thing they should have done is use axe to build small cabin tarp top then build up from there the rest will come easy. As well as you would have a shelter to protect you from the elements and from the animals around there.

  • Sensible

    Americans relying on firearms to feel safe AND wolves rarely attack humans on vancouver island….they attack dogs…Wolves are the least likely to attack, on the list of cougars and black bears.

  • Snapperfisho

    bear wolf or cougar all put the shits up me dont blame the guys for leaving.

  • Jasmin

    I think this people are very brave, I don´T survive one day there, Jasmin from Chile

  • Jasmin

    I Was thinking about a really Extreme one reality, one people from a country, like that person represent u country and this is follow by the world will be just fine, extreme and competitive.

  • Jasmin

    will find the best in my country to go, for sure

  • mark anonimus

    there is wolfs in the wild gues this guy didn t know about it. hahaha common!

  • mark anonimus

    maybe he got payed to go