Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 1 Now is Not the End

Posted By CouchTuner On January 7, 2015





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  • Frank Lambert

    seems promising. I love tough women. I love how the attitude of women in the workfield used to be. Now I am waiting for carter to kick one of these pricks in the nuts. I

    They way incorporated the movie into the show will done

    • last

      *The way they incorporated the movie into the show, well done.

  • IamhotUArnot

    Finally they have a woman who actually looks like she can handle herself instead of the usual 110 bikini models that couldn’t lift bag of salt in real life.

    As long as the series doesn’t devolve into every episode being “I am woman hear me roar!” all the time, I think I will enjoy this series quite a bit.

    • Mike

      It will be a good series……even tho it will be short…..for now

    • Hans Gruber

      At the risk of sounding “50′s sexist”, she should have gun barrels mounted in those things!

  • Abraxas

    This works as a nice change of pace from the rest of the MCU. Great cast, intriguing story. Like the way the script works in references such as Vita-Rays and Roxxon. Hayley Atwell would’ve made a convincing Wonder Woman, imo

  • Azizi Harun Azizi

    She had a nice boops

  • Malek just my thoughts

    awesome show love it and wonder what the butler taking bout and cater is the shit lol

  • Tiffany Bennett Macaluso

    ADMIN: I an see you are fixing the website somehow, as many things are missing or just funky. I just wanted to point out that this was one of them. Thank you!!!