Adam Ruins Everything S1E12 Adam Ruins Death

Posted By CouchTuner On December 23, 2015





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  • feelsahoy

    I came here to laugh not feel

    • Arkanis the uncircumcised

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way back to you tube. I hear Fail Army have put out a real humdinger for their 2015 recap. Enjoy

  • Hans Gruber

    No! Not Haley!

    I like the balloon that has “This is a waste of helium” imprinted on it.

    • Arkanis the uncircumcised

      Can anybody say “Spinoff alert”

  • Matthew Vincett

    Eh, having a copy of my brain on the computer sounds fine to me. Technically, I DO live on.

    • Arkanis the uncircumcised

      I seriously hope you’re being facetious.

      • Matthew Vincett

        Not at all. Sure, my body dies, but my consciousness and personality lives on through the copy. It’s who I was up to that point, so there’s pretty much no difference between them aside from the latter me WILL perish.

  • Arkanis the uncircumcised

    Best episode yet. The fact that Adam and his guys had the good sense to give this particular episode the soft landing it warranted says a lot about the calibration on their collective moral compass. The information offered here should be required viewing for literally EVERYBODY, simply because it raises so many critically important (though equally uncomfortable) points. After all we are, every one of us, subject to the same human fears and frailties.
    Though it seems to start off a bit dark and over the top.the decision to not trivialize the opening monologue by whittling it down to a soundbite makes laudable sense in hindsight.
    After watching this I plan on opting for a cloth wrapped cremation and an online auto-obituary farewell video.
    To team Adam i say “Way to broaden your target demographic”.

  • Hans Gruber

    The average funeral, with casket + embalming costs about $10k.

    But for about $12k you can have your ashes shot into space.

    I’m just sayin’…