8 Minutes Season 1 Episode 1

Posted By CouchTuner On April 4, 2015





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  • IDoNoKno

    “It’s mighty nice of you to try getting me out of prostitution, but umm… I’m Muslim” LMAO!
    That’s the kind of answer people give to Jehovah’s witness when they knock on your door… It doesn’t really work in prostitution but ok… lol!

  • angel001

    Wow, its sad what they are going through. But why do they only have 8 Minutes? Do people pay 200 Dollars for a less then 10 minutes?
    I am hoping that the ones who left, will stay strong enough to stay out of this business

    • Tara S

      “Brown has determined that eight minutes is the maximum amount of time to safely convince these women to leave with his team — any longer puts everyone’s lives at risk.”

      That really should be one of the opening statements. Without an explanation for why only 8 minutes, it sounds like a stupid time limit for publicity. And I’d appreciate a more indepth explanation than just ‘everyone’s lives are at risk if we take longer cuz I have said so and I have worked vice so respect my word’.

  • TheCareTaker

    This guy looks like Agent Coulson