8 Minutes S1E3 Gorilla Pimped

Posted By CouchTuner On April 18, 2015





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  • Tempy

    The team are so kind and brave to be helping those poor ladies like this….I wish I had a place and the funds to do the same thing….NO ONE! should ever be owned,we are all born with the right to a life worth living and peace of mind….NO! one has the right to take that from us…but I do wonder if they would also help young men who are in the life too,because they also get pimped and controlled they also need a way out.

    • Tara S

      As he’s a pastor, the church he leads may frown on it if he calls gay male prostitutes – even if it’s to assist them. It would also require more study on male prostitutes, how to speak to them (what gets a woman out of the business is not going to be the same thing that changes a man’s mind; especially since children are usually the turning point for women) and they’d need men who have gotten out of the business to speak to them.

      • Tempy

        I see what your saying about the guys,I think with them it would most likely be help with getting off drugs ,getting into work,finding housing or all of the above, maybe the chance to get themselves clean so they can reconnect with family, I wonder if they would help transgender ladies and men ,they really have it tough, for some of them the only way to pay for treatment is to sell themselves. It must be a soul destroying life….