8 Minutes S1E2 Trafficker in the Lobby

Posted By CouchTuner On April 10, 2015





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  • Tears Carpenter

    This is not working can you please fix

  • Tara S

    Why are they only using 8 minutes if they’re paying for half an hour? Why is the daddy getting fidgety in 8 minutes if someone paid for his girl for half an hour?

    I really want to know the reason behind deciding 8 minutes is the safest time – and why all the pimps get fidgety at the exact same time.


      I think they just say that to create feeling of ‘tension’ and suspense for (us) the viewers. Like, Will they run out of time? Will the victim say yes/no? Is the pimp gonna find out/come in? etc. before the ‘time’ runs out.

      • Tara S

        They stated in other media it’s because Brown determined that was the safest amount of time to speak with the women for everyone’s safety.

        I have no doubt it’s actually a publicity stunt to make it more tense for viewers. But it’s also made the episodes formulaic and repetitive. Not to mention these women are being denied real assistance so that they can sell ’8 minutes’ to viewers. I’d rather watch a full 30 minutes of talking with some of the women, honestly. They wanted suspense and instead made boring crap with it. Unless there is a real reason for it, at which point I want Brown to explain it.

        I just want to know why, in that 8 minutes, every single one of the pimps in all three eps has started to get fidgety. What kinds of paranoid weirdo pimps are these only letting a john have 8 out of 30 minutes before going to look for his whore?

        • DJLHOIE

          I highly doubt in real life that all the pimps start to trip out in “exactly” 8 minutes -(every time, in all 3 eps). It seems to be the result of video editing to ‘support’ Brown’s claimed magic number. And I agree with you, the episodes seem repetitive. Well, except for that one where a guy hits one of their cameras -that was interesting for a sec- then nothing happened.

          I’d like to see an episode with a split-screen or picture-in-picture; views of the parking lot and inside the room. In real-time and no cuts. With the countdown to see if all these really goes down in 8 minutes.