24 S7E24

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 17, 2015



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  • Yolo


  • Hans Gruber

    07:42 – Co-Executive Producer Speed Weed. Sounds like something from Z-Nation.

    • hamo

      You watch pretty much all the shows I do

  • maggie

    lol of course they have a martha stewart set as a first home together. :p and that omelette joke. oi a vey.

  • BlaackkOuT

    i’ve known that felicity was going to die since season 1 or 2

    • Sorry

      Don’t get my hopes up. :P


    1. lol, what was up with those part time storm troopers shooting from the back of the truck?!?
    2. who knew Oliver had napalm arrows in his quiver cuz that blast was fucking massive.

    • Jack

      That was the bombs

  • Booster

    Kord? Could the Blue Beetle be far behind?

  • Mary Kay

    Is it just me or did they go heavy on Oliver’s mascara this episode?

    • Hans Gruber

      Just wait for the long white goatee.

  • SneakyDN

    So that Pilot’s jacket with the name Jordan? Guess that’s happening soon?

  • kiichan

    Lance, Diggle …. GET OVER YOURSELVES!

  • kiichan

    left with more questions with this Episode

  • allycatt

    so i guess none of the vigilantes cares about anonymity anymore… They just so freely show up to places and talk to people …..

  • OK?

    The quality of this show has gotten really shitty now. I’m ditching this shit-show.

  • Yung Afrika

    Thank you I know that falicity and maybe lance if I’m lucky will be gone this season! Fingaers crossed