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Posted By couchtuner3 On June 17, 2015



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  • asdasd


    • Ashley S.

      check out this version called
      Kiseijuu | Parasyte Part 1 (Live Action Movie 2014)

    • asdf

      When I was younger, in the 90s and early 2000s, I loved anime and I was a huge fan of things like Evangelion. Serial Experiments: Lain, Akira, Neon Genisis and other anime contained existential themes and influenced my development. I studied philosophy and read things like Nietzsche and Yeats. :sigh: Cowboy Bebob and GITS were some of the last anime that I watched, I suppose books and other forms of media started to dominate my time.

      I can’t enjoy modern anime, even though I grew up watching Robotech and Sailor Moon before I went to primary school.

      It’s tough to be alienated by a popular culture where gaming, anime and comic books are cool. In my day, anime wasn’t popular and gaming was also a fringe pursuit.

      Popular culture is very strange. In some ways, I’m glad to be an outsider. Books and literature will always exist and I hope that there’s a library in the eternal unknown which might follow this life.

      I doubt alienation and popular culture are significant, within the scope of eternity.

      • asdf

        I mean to say that all things are infinitely significant – within the scope of a single instant.

        • asdf

          Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m Australian – I’m not really afraid of bugs =)

          Existential themes can be *really* frightening – like standing in the middle of a red desert, as the only discernible figure apart from the horizon. Red earth and blue sky which instills and a sense of eerie alienation. Silence in the formless expanse. The lonely landscape overwhelms the senses. I understand Aboriginal myths of ‘The Dreamtime’. There’s a feeling of alienation which is perfectly articulated by the landscape. It’s like the surface of Mars.

          • asdf

            I suppose it’s a lot like electronic music, which I really love. I’ve loved electronic music since I first started to actually develop a mature musical taste and truly enjoy music (since the late 80s and early 90s).

            I can’t ‘understand’ modern electronic music like dubstep; dub has discordant and nonsensical melodies with non-linear beats and deliberately staccato bridges which defy the notion of a break.

            I won’t say that I ‘dislike’ or ‘despise’ dub, although I’ll definitely say that I prefer EBM. I love a heavy, throbbing beat. I love it when electro’s combined with deep, meaningful and profound lyrics.

            I wish I understood modern electronic music – this is my sense of alienation, as my favorite genres fade into obscurity, as I fade into mediocrity.