24 S1E14

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 17, 2015



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  • Harmya

    FTWD; Finally getting somewhere!

  • Clockwork Rex

    Since when is 6 episodes a whole ‘season’?

    • streamonline

      as “the walking dead” had 6 episodes in its first season, so they wud have decided to limit this to 6 as well

      • Clockwork Rex

        No,that was a half season,then they had a ‘mid-season’ finale…Like TWD has done for every ‘season’.I can remember a time when ‘seasons’ were at least 15 to 20 episodes long.

        • Vitez

          The first season did not have a mid-season finale.

      • Clockwork Rex

        Wait,you’re right.The first “season” was only 6 episodes.My bad,just looked it up.But,at least the first 5 episodes of TWD weren’t as boring as FTWD were…

    • Harmya

      lol.. I so agree with you… WTH

    • Hans Gruber

      iMDB says there are at least 7 episodes in season 1.

      It’s sure a good thing that Strand had one of those pistols that never need reloading.

    • Vitez

      It was the initial season. Americans have been trained to think 10-25 episodes is a season. But if you are just setting up the story, why fill it with filler? Also- if you cannot tell a good story in six episodes, you have no business writing.

  • Melodycool

    Iwouldn’t feel so cheated if they weren’t slow as hell for the first four episodes.

  • Melodycool

    I wouldn’t be quite so salty if they weren’t boring as hell for the first three episodes.

  • Harmya

    R u sure it’s the end of season one?? What a luck for Nick to have met Strand!!!

  • Rootz

    Nice episode, great scenery, and who wouldn’t want a yacht in the zombie apocalypse?

    • blink -.-

      it looked like a copy/pasted yacht to me lmao


    39:05 who walks by outside the door ?

    • Hans Gruber

      Bad editing. I think the cameraman could be seen in the reflection in the glass, so they tried to cut it out, but not very well.

      • deeznutz

        it was strand lol

  • ICallBS

    Worst soldiers ever…it was sad enough they couldn’t spot the mexican father walking up to the fence not caring if he did get spotted,and it’s even worse that they can’t hear 1000 DAM ZOMBIES shuffling their feet on concrete in the middle of the night LMFAO.