19-2 Season 2 Episode 9

Posted By CouchTuner On March 17, 2015





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  • Jim Ray

    The Commander has more in this tale than he’s letting on so far. Im pretty sure the boys were on to something. Not sure what yet but he’s involved in these sex crimes in some way, Im sure.

    As for Sergeant Houle, I hope he gets the chair! ( Does Canada execute criminals? ). At the very end during his “confessional” speech he came across like there was some higher power that intervened and saved that girl from him. Yes Sergeant Houle there was, its called looming justice. You’re days are numbered and you just couldnt get it up. If he doesnt commit suicide first, the boys in cell block C are gonna loooooove him!!!

  • John Purvis Kenneth Miller

    please the beast didn’t win the only reason he didn’t touch her was because he know the game is over for him. the only justice is to hang him then wake him up then gut him and then do it over again .

  • Tempy

    I don’t really have the words…I just..all I can say is, this is powerful episode.

  • Ceci

    LOL JM got taken down by that “squirmy little b*tch”. Too funny….I thought Sgt. Houle was going to commit suicide in front of that girl. That would have been really sad….Something tells me that the Commander knows about that sex pedofile ring. Houle might not be the mole but the Commander might be.