19-2 Season 2 Episode 10

Posted By CouchTuner On March 24, 2015





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  • Jim Ray

    This show has an uncomfortable edge to it but at the same time the storyline and characters keep drawing me back.

    Reluctantly enjoying this!!!

    • Ceci

      I agree. I love shows like this. Have you watched Luther?

      • Jim Ray

        No but I will. Always looking for other shows to watch. Thanks, I’ll give it a go.

      • Jim Ray

        O.k., so I just pulled a 2 day marathon of Luther :D What a great show that was. Its so sad that they end the really good shows in favor of the crap they’ve decided was worth keeping. It just makes no sense!

        As far as the show goes, I have watched it all the way through prior to this but it has been a long time ago. When you mentioned it, the name was familiar but I couldnt recall the premise of the show. After the first few minutes of episode 1 I realized that I had seen it but it had been so long that it was almost like watching it for the first time again.

        Thanks for recommending it. Well worth the re-watch.

        • Ceci

          You are quite welcome. I found the show accidentally by browsing. Awesome show. Have you watched the Killing? That’s good also (though I heard it has been cancelled). And True Detective. Can you recommend any? I love those police crime dramas.

          • Jim Ray

            There are so many shows that Ive watched worth recommending but most likely youve seen them all…except maybe this one :)

            “Awake” Its a cop show with a twist. I’ll let you figure out what I mean.

            You will have to watch it on either Couch Tuner ES or My TV Line. If you choose to use “thevideo.me” to watch it on I have a suggestion. You can watch it just fine but it opens 2 windows with ads. Personally I start the video, maximize the screen then shrink it back which causes both the ads to open at the same time then close the 2 ads and go back to the video. Its a little annoying but that way they dont start talking over the video.

            Let me know what ya think :)

          • Ceci

            Thanks. I’ll check it out. :)

          • Ceci

            I just finished watching Awake. It was a bit confusing trying to keep the realities straight (or at least understand where he was). The end was somewhat surprising. I was expecting him to wake up from a coma or something. LOL Good show. Thanks for recommending it. Found a few shows I’m going to check out on that website couchtuner.es.

  • John Purvis Kenneth Miller

    its a great day when cops are shown as real humans with real problems. It is a shame that the one thing on their side is the law. love the show .

  • Tempy

    They let him off to easy….he should have been taken in.

  • Ceci

    That seemed pretty careless of Kaz to leave tape with his fingerprint on it at the crime scene….