19-2 Season 1 Episode 4

Posted By CouchTuner1 On August 4, 2014


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  • Tempy

    Poor Harvey…..I would not want to live that way…poor guy.
    Cops shouldn’t be drinking like that when you choose a service job cop,firefighter,doctor,nurse any job where lives are at stake if you are not on your game you shouldn’t drink that much…you could be called into work at any moment….then you might need to drive,use a firearm,save lives…..and your drunk so how will you cope? how will you do your job?.
    Something needs to be done about the wife beating cop…..look how he tried to mess with Bear….he scares me…..ladies are far from safe near him.
    Oh my …that poor lady the church….such pain inside to do such a thing…words fail me…poor soul.
    This show is kinda dark for a Canadian show, it’s interesting.