19-2 Season 1 Episode 3

Posted By CouchTuner1 On August 4, 2014


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  • Tempy

    That wife beating cop scum is a smart…..Damn him to hell….he knows if he goes down cases he has worked on will come into question…..a lot of people might get of….Damn him!!!!…plus he has her so scared for HIS safety inside that she doesn’t want him to get hurt or killed in jail…..even though he might have killed if the other cops hadn’t come to “help”……not much help……DAMN HIM AND ALL MEN LIKE HIM!!….Damn them all to hell for what they do!!…..that poor sick women….he has broken her….made her mentally ill with all the abuse…..my heart goes out to her and all who suffer like she does,I hope she gets out before he kills her.

  • Ceci

    I can’t believe they are driving around with the car looking like that. At least hose it down at a fire station….Looks like Tyler might need an intervention….What do you do in a domestic situation like that when someone doesn’t want help??? So freaking frustrating. I knew a cop like that when I was a kid. Beat his wife, shot the neighbors’ dog, terrorized the whole block and his cop friends wouldn’t/didn’t do sh*t….