12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 2 Mentally Divergent

Posted By CouchTuner On January 17, 2015




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  • Hans Gruber

    I’ve been to mental institutions… NO!… I was just visiting!

    But they never let the boys mingle with the girls.

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      Sorry the tv show about a time traveler stopping a pandemic wasnt realistic enough for you.

    • Yung Afrika

      But they let them watch movies with devil and shit?

  • SAQ Rabbit

    NSA has access to 8 minutes of security camera footage from a random base in North Korea that was recorded about 9 years ago? WITH picture so good they were able to read an address off of the desk?? Get the fuck out of here with that lazy ass plot advancement.

    • malik overath

      I know, that was the worst part of the show so far. LOL. I hope they don’t drag on this “whodunit” stuff for too long. Then again, it’s a tv show based on a 2hr (or under) movie. Which doesn’t really translate well.

      • SAQ Rabbit

        One of the only MAJOR differences from the movie to the show I am noticing is the fact that the 12 monkeys is a legit organization. In the film it was Brad Pitt’s “do go for the animals” group and a false lead for Willis. In this show it seems that the army of the 12 monkeys may be an organization responsible for the virus spreading. But as always with these shows, we will have to wait and see.

        • Tieas Cone

          They will show that the army is a dupe, and follow the true source in season 2.

  • Valecia Berry

    love this show! the movie was great and so far am liking the series

  • robbie

    The boss lady said that 7 billion had died in the pandemic. If my memory serves me right there is only 61/2 billion on this speck of dust, so by rights we are all dead, or have I lost count again.

    • AmazingByTheResponse

      We are at 7.125 billion as of 2013.

    • Tieas Cone

      It’s speculation first off, secondly,, they are projecting off of a future statistic, not current.

  • chared99

    I am totally confused who the man with the hat on is, I thought he was dead.